Design and build

There are a wide range of standard of customised design options. Assembly is simple and fast and can be completed by just one person.


Blocks can be finished with any facing to complete your design, or simply painted with an appropriate shelter coat.



Our standard blocks can be used as the finished look for a number of projects, but depending on your specific needs and building size, we can customise a specification to allow for any architectural finish both externally and internally.

The blocks have been extensively tested both in-house and by Sheffield Hallam University.


Common Questions

  1. What’s the difference between JO-BLOX and standard construction?

    Standard construction requires a level of skill and time. JO-BLOX can be assembled by a single person quickly and simply, Often no foundation is required, just a level slab. Simple but durable with big construction time savings and accessible to all areas due to the compact size of the blocks.  

  2. Where can I use JO-BLOX?

    Everything from garden buildings to crisis shelters, home extensions and low rise new buildings can be constructed with JO-BLOX.

  3. Do I need foundations?

    Not always.  Depending on your size and type of build, ground conditions and proposed floor slab,  often the system can be built on a compacted leveled base. This is particularly beneficial when considering works on sensitive sites or against historic buildings and structures.  We would consult with your engineer.

  4. Are JO-BLOX Zero waste?

    The blocks are manufactured in our UK factory and all waste is carefully managed.  Not only is the factory zero waste, but as only the blocks needed for a specific design or project are delivered, there is also no on-site waste from the blocks. The blocks are very durable and very difficult to damage to a point where they are no longer usable, but even such damaged blocks can be re-formed into new blocks.

  5. Is a building adaptable if I need to alter it in the future?

    Yes, it is very easy to alter and adapt any building within reason and with structural consideration.  New openings or even complete rebuild alterations are possible.

  6. What can I do once JO-BLOX reach the end of their life?

    In temporary buildings, JO-BLOX can be easily dismantled and reused. Buildings designed to be permanent, once finished externally and internally, are expected to last many decades but could still be dismantled and reused even in 100 years. Or all the elements can be reconstituted and turned into new JO-BLOX or other construction products.

  7. Can you help with the design?

    Yes, we can work out exactly what you need to make your building design work, or even help with the design itself.

  8. Are there any limitations on design?

    In order to keep to standard blocks and for efficiency and to maintain zero waste, buildings and structures should be designed within 150mm dimensions. JO-BLOX are best suited to low rise buildings although several storeys are possible with proper design and engineering.