Designed by experts

Simple and strong

The system includes everything you need to build the walls and, if required, roof.  Depending on the size and complexity of the building many teams can get the entire outer building shell up in just one day. 

All you need is a level rodent proof floor slab.

Assembly & Disassembly

Simple and reversable

New buildings

Temporary buildings

Historic buildings

Site offices

Crisis shelters


building projects

Home extensions and loft conversion

Fast and simple, can be finished in any way to match existing properties

Ideal in limited space or access situations. Blocks can easily be carried through any space a person can!

Ideal for new buildings, reversible buildings, loft extensions, dormers, extensions and historic buildings.



Garden buildings

thermal and sound instated

Garden studio rooms

Well insulated for heat and sound for a number of uses, from wood machining workshops to recording studios and sun rooms, or just a space to relax.