The Simple instant Zero Carbon building block

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1 person puts a tiny house shell up in just a few hours on his own and completes it in a week.

Each block is carbon neutral, highly insulated to building regulations standards, fire resistant, breathable and completely thermally broken. These lightweight blocks can build a strong house of any size over several floors.

Follow us to get updates on this little building, which will become a garden meditation studio. This building is foundationless and 3.8m high with a footprint of 3.6m x 4.8m plans are available to show how this can provide the shell of a tiny house for two!

  • NO LIMITATIONS on the footprint, or, within reason, number or floors
  • CHEAPER and FASTER than standard new build methods
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and does not require a foundation in many ground conditions
  • STRONG, far exceeds the compressive and flexural strength of ordinary brick and blocks
  • INSULATING, exceptional thermal and acoustic efficiency
  • THERMALLY BROKEN, avoids thermal bridging issues
  • BREATHABLE, providing excellent internal air quality due to the breathable nature of the walls and roof
  • NEUTRAL, does not emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than is taken up overall by the materials used in the block
  • ZERO WASTE, made in Norfolk in our zero waste facility
  • COMPLIANT with UK Building Regulations and will meet the UK Government Climate Change Act targets for 2025 and 2050 (net zero)